“It’s A Platform For Girls To Inspire Their Peers”

Clarisse Ndinge, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Beta Girls.

Who is Clarisse Ndinge, the lady behind Beta Girls?

Clarisse Ndinge is a 28-year-old dynamic Cameroonian. I studied Petroleum Engineering, but due to the inability to get a job, I honed my innate skills in communications, public relations, and events planning, and I created my own agency, Beta Media. It is a Public Relations, Media and Events Agency of which I am the CEO. I am also the founder of Beta Girls Organization, a platform for girls to inspire others.

Why did you create the non-profit organization Beta Girls in 2016?

I decided to create Beta Girls because as a woman, I am very aware of the needs and challenges of girls in my society. I wanted to do something to effect positive change, help girls – especially young girls – to scale through societal challenges. This is why I created Beta Girls. It is a platform for girls to inspire their peers with the knowledge gathered from life’s experiences and the skills acquired with time.

Your activities are given visibility on the blog “betagirls.org”. Do you think Internet and Social Media are better channels for sensitizing the public on young girls’ issues?

Internet is the cheapest and most affordable way to get information across to many people within a short period of time over any geographical location. This is why I started off with a blog, but I launched Beta Girls Talk Events. They are interactive events held regularly to give girls an opportunity to learn and be inspired by their peers through physical interaction. So far, we have hosted over three Beta Girls Talk events during which we addressed a handful of issues concerning girls like breast cancer, premarital sex, unwanted pregnancies and entrepreneurship. Several such events are in the pipeline.

What does your organization plan to do in the next few years?

In a couple of years, I see Beta Girls Organization empowering girls not only in Cameroon, but all over Africa. I see Beta Girls Organization setting many girls off into careers that would empower them to earn decent living through sponsored workshops and scholarships. I also see Beta girls Organization breeding a generation of better girls for society and their families.

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