Interview: “We Are 90 Perc ent Finished With Hotels”

Quan Delila Agnes Efeti Monono, South West Regional Delegate of Tourism and Leisure, talks on preparations for hosting the 2016 female AFCON.


How prepared is the tourism sector in the South West to receive the numerous visitors for the female AFCON this November?

I think the sector is very prepared in the sense that the expectation among the operators is very high. In the South West all the operators are doing their best to meet up with the standards. I can say that we are getting there. Generally Africans have the hospitable spirit and we are expecting everybody involved in the sector to give his or her best. As far as the hotels are concerned we are carrying out some renovations such as painting, installation of new fixtures and employing professionals to upgrade the services.

We have been organizing seminars to improve their know-how and instill confidence in the men and women of the tourism sector. As concerns the tourism sites, we have the Cameroon Mountain, and there are people who will take visitors up the mountain. There is also the Reunification Monument already with receptionists. In Limbe we have the slave-trade village in Bimbia.

At what level are renovation works in the three State-owned hotels in Buea and Limbe?

The works are over 90 percent finished and we are optimistic there is nothing to worry. They are just doing fitting now. And the workers are very aware of the timeframe for the work.

What are the difficulties facing the sector?

The main difficulties were about hygiene and reception techniques. We have organized seminars to overcome them. We have three syndicates to work closely with tourism stakeholders. We have the Meme Association of Hotel Stakeholders (MESHA) in Kumba, Hotel and Restaurant Association (HORAS) in Limbe and Association For Tourism Stakeholders in Buea (ASTOLS. Participants at the on-going workshop include tour operators, non- governmental organizations, travel agencies among others.


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