Interview: “UDP Has Good Policies For The Nation”

El Hadj Bako Lawan, National Chairman United Democratic Party, speaks on updates in his party. 


The United Democratic Party (UDP) which you are Chairman seems to be in oblivion as much is not heard or seen about the party. What is happening within your party?

No. The United Democratic Party (UDP) approaches political issues differently. We are trying to make Cameroonians know what we call durable democracy or democracy of appeasement and development. That is to say, in developed countries, after the presidential elections you allow the ruling party to manage its programme. But in Cameroon people do not actually understand what they are doing. That is why the radical opposition as we call it, after elections, continue to block the ruling party from working, with destructive criticism.

As concerns our activities, we have UDP Family Support Programme where we talk to our militants, assist them with farm tools and medications amongst others because we do politics with a human touch. Also we have been taking part in National Day celebrations through march-past. We have a genuine alliance with the ruling party, the CPDM and you can never exclude the UDP from CPDM victories.

You talked about reaching to UDP militants in the rural areas. What is the strength of the UDP?

The UDP remains the third political force in the North West Region. The CPDM comes first, and then the SDF and we are third. We always participate in all elections directly or indirectly in the North West and beyond. Directly, we put in candidates in nearly all the Divisions of the North West. Our performances during these elections are always good. For the Presidential elections and the senatorial election which just passed, we did not put in candidates but we campaigned vigorously for the success of the CPDM in the North West.

Before the senatorial election, the opposition SDF party had condemned councilors saying that they are illegitimate and during the elections, they wanted these same councilors to vote for the SDF. I came out strongly on media and rallied grounds telling the councilors not to give their support. They listened to my appeal and voted for the CPDM to get the senatorial seats in the North West and other areas. Again, we equally work for peace and economic development of our nation.


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