International Volunteer-ship Day: Youths Show Charity To Orphans

Youth from some nursery and primary schools in Douala under the auspices ofthe regional delegation forYouth Affairs and Civic Education,used the opportunity of the 33 rd international volunteer-ship day commemorated on Wednesday December 5th,to offer gifts to the children off allen soldiers killed in the war against Boko Haram and separatists fighters in the North West and South West Regions.Representing the Governor,the Inspector General of Services, Njikam said since threeyears Cameroon has been facing security problems at its northern frontiers as well as within the country leading tothe loss of several soldiers. He therefore hailed the youths for showing compassion towards their kindred saying such spirit of solidarity, respect for humanlife and volunteership is worthyto be emulated urging the youths to love one another and country.

The Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and civic education,Nang Terrestra, said charity is a subset of volunteership saying one who doesn’thave the spirit of volunteership cannot exercise charity.He said the he decided to usethe opportunity of the charity day celebrated this year on the theme, “volunteers to build resilient communities” to inculcate the spirit of solidarityamong the youth, to make them know that if their friends lost their parents, it was in an effort to protect the national sovereignty of Cameroon. Representing the commander of the second military sector,naval captain Kamdem expressed gratitude to the youths saying their gesture is unforgettable and that they are touched by their generosity.He said the gifts would alleviate the suffering of the orphans and bring some comfort to their families. The representative of the orphans equally expressed gratitude saying they didn’t expect such a show of solidarity.

The gifts offered comprise toys, clothes, soap, rice, spaghetti,soft drinks, mineral water,oil and raw cash. The ceremony also witnessed the free screening of eye diseases and donation of blood destined for injured solders on the battle field. There was a brief marchpast by the 20th unit of the fire fighting brigade and a scouting club. Among the schools that took part, are; Ecole Miisipo Monney Bernard, the Horizontal Educational complex,NAL nursery and primary school and Ecole Publique Bonapriso.


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