International Migrant Day: Migration should be done in all dignity and with respect of laws. Youths Schooled On Dangers of Irregular Migration

As of October 2018, statistics from the International Organisation for Migration (OIM) reveal that at least 3,242 men, women and children have lost their lives in dangerous journeys in search of more prosperous lives, most probably in Europe and other developed countries outside Africa. It is against this backdrop that the organisation in partnership with the Ministry of External Relations, European Union and other civil society organisations within the context of the International Migrant Day celebrated on December 18, 2018, organised a series of activities which highlighted the dangers of irregular mi gration. Celebrated under the theme “Migration with Dignity”, movies, exchanges and experiences of some returned migrants were shared to the youths to give them a clear picture of the misfortunes that accompany irregular migration. Speaking on behalf of OIM, the Communication and Awareness Raising Officer, Serena Pescatore noted that they have the mission of working with member States at all points along the migration spectrum to improve access to safe, regular pathways but also to conduct activities aimed at facilitating the return and reintegration of stranded migrants. According to her, they are not against migration, but rather promote regular migration with well outlined transportation, accommodation and durability modalities. “With the sacring number of deaths recorded every year, we continue to raise awareness on the dangers of irregular migration,” she stated. Serena Pescatore said the sensitisation get together has the focus on making students better understand the concept of migration should they in the future want to study out of the country, make known the link between development and migration, and promote dignity in migration.

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