Infrastructure, Transport Development : European Investment Bank Promises More Support

The European Investment Bank is determined to continue to contribute to the dynamism and development of Cameroon in the infrastructure, transport, energy and private sectors.

The new Representative of the European Investment Bank for Central Africa, Nilolaos Milianitis used his courtesy visit to Prime Minister Chief Joseph Dion Ngute to express the hope that the bank will be able to contribute to the dynamism and development of Cameroon and make the country a pool of stability in the region. Talking to the press after the discussions with Prime Minister Dion Ngute, he said “We made an overview of the dynamism of the country, infrastructure and needs, transport and energy, as well as the dynamic private sector.”  They also talked about the political situation in Cameroon with focus on the uncertainty in the crisis- affected North West and South West Regions.  He further stated that success in Cameroon will be replicated in other countries.

With regards to what the bank has been doing in Cameroon, Nikolaos Milianitis said it has been working on a number of infrastructure projects along with the European Commission. He cited  the  railway as well as roads. Talking on other projects, he cited the Gas Pipeline in Kribi that is already operational. He also said the bank recently signed the Nachtigal hydro power project which is being constructed and has equally been to Lom Pangar dam project.

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