Increasingly Diversified Cooperation

Ambassador Gilles Thibault during the farewell audience with President Paul Biya at the Unity Palace on July 26, 2019 disclosed that his country the same day signed two cooperation agreements with Cameroon.  

One of the agreements amounting to 100 million Euros (FCFA 65 billion) is within the framework of the third instalment of loan for budgetary support  and it is intended to enable Cameroon continue with the implementation of the economic and financial programme the country signed with the International Monetary Fund in June 2017 and stabilise the CEMAC zone. The second agreement amounting to FCFA 655 million is within the framework of the third phase of the French Debt-Reduction Development Contract (C2D) aims to refurbish and modernise the National Museum. The agreements signed last Thursday, are just a tip of the iceberg on the growing and increasingly diversified cooperation ties between Cameroon and France.  Since the introduction of the C2D, Cameroon has received French funding for projects in diverse socio-economic, educational and environmental domains.

Growing cooperation ties between Cameroon and France also feature prominently in the defence and security domain. France has been playing a frontline role in supporting Cameroon in the war against Boko Haram. The implementation of the ongoing reforms to modernise Cameroon’s military have received great French assistance that  is also extended to training institutions such as the International War College in Simbock-Yaounde, the International School  for Security Forces (EIFORCES) at Awae near Yaounde, Garoua Regional Airforce School, among others.

In the economic domain areas such as the construction of the second Bridge over the Wouri River in Douala are worth celebrating. Through the French Cultural Centre in Yaounde, cooperation is being intensified.

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