Imprisonment : Alternative Punishment Explained

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Jean de Dieu Momo says a draft bill is being prepared on the implementation of alternative sanctions to imprisonment following proposals from the Procureurs General of all the regions of Cameroon forwarded to the Minister of State for Justice on work of general interest by sentenced people.

He spoke at the National Assembly on June 28, 2019 during a question time plenary sitting chaired by the House Speaker, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.   He answered Hon. Matsang Seyi Mama’s question on why the alternative sanctions are not being meted out and that on why taxpayers money is spent on the medical treatment of prisoners while they could take care of themselves. The Minister said alternative sanctions to imprisonment which constitute work of general interest and penalty repair are provided for in the new Penal Code of July 12, 2016. He specified that the alternative punishment is meted out on people who have been sentenced for less than two years of imprisonment.

On why taxpayers money is being spent for the medical treatment of prisoners while they can take care of themselves, he said they are part of the society. Being in detention or in prison, they are merely deprived of the right of movement at will but still have all the other rights, Jean De Dieu Momo explained. He cited Cameroon’s

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