Humanitarian Action: CERAC’s Caravan Reaches Oveng

The charity association of the first Lady over the weekend offered gifts to some vulnerable groups in the locality in the South Region.

As in Mintom, three weeks back, it is still that motherly love and kind heart of the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, that took some members of her humanitarian caravan, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC) into the heart of the Equatorial forest, precisely at Oveng a locality in the Dja and Lobo Division on the border with the Republic of Gabon.

With love in their hearts and different gifts on hand, the CERAC ladies, headed by Aissa Motaze, Secretary General of CERAC, had a fulfilled time on Saturday March 3, 2018 with rural women, persons with disabilities and the aging population of Oveng.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Didier Ndongo said they were glad CERAC’s delegation braved all hindrances such as the bad road to meet the needy people. This, according to him, is a sign that the Founding President of CERAC, Mrs Biya is ready to brave all odds when it comes to showing solidarity to those in need.

“It is a day that has entered the annals of history in the locality. Our generation will come to know that CERAC visited us in a special way on March 3, 2018,” Didier Ndongo noted.

Thanks to CERAC and its Founding President, the beneficiaries’ representative said rural women in Oveng will resolutely enter the processing phase of their products, which will enable them to increase their incomes and improve their living conditions and those of their families.

To the First Lady and her association, rural women and handicapped persons said: ‘Thank You”, “Merci” and “Akiba” and promised to use the gifts for the benefit of their families and their communities.

Aissa Motaze and her delegation distributed agricultural tools such as moto pumps, oil press machines, cassava and maize mills, chain saws, wheelbarrows, hoes, machetes farm chemicals and electricity generator to different rural women associations in the locality.

Disabled persons also received agricultural tools, toiletries, foodstuffs, sewing equipment, tee-shirts and 100 loin cloth of the International Women’s Day. The head of the CERAC’s delegation told the population, particularly the rural women that the sub-divisional officer of the locality will put in place a management committee to supervise how the gifts will be used.

By giving rural women the possibility of practising second-generation agriculture as spearheaded by the Head of State, Aissa Motaze said CERAC wants to enable rural women to increase their productivity, add value to their products and increase their income so that they fully participate in the development of the country.

She used the event to call on others to join CERAC in improving the living conditions of those in need. Different speakers at the event lauded the kind gestures of CERAC which cannot be overemphasized nationwide. Songs of gratitude graced the event.

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