Huckleberry In Abundance

Commonly called “njamanjama” in pidgin the vegetable is generally eaten by people from the North West Region


Huckleberry is one of the highly consumed vegetables by people from the grass field areas. This crop grows at all seasons. Its period of abundance is mostly during the raining season. In Yaounde, it is mostly sold in the Melen, Mendong and Obili neighbour hoods due to the fact that most of the inhabitants are coming from the North West Region. 

Most of this vegetable is transported from Bamenda to Yaounde through travel agencies. On arrival in Yaounde, wholesalers buy in bags and sell to retailers properly known as “buyam sell” who in turn sell to consumers in heaps of smaller quantities. A bag of vegetable is sold at FCFA 10,000 and FCFA 20,000 depending on the season. The vegetable mostly comes from Nso and Babanki villages.

Gwendolyn Kinyuy, vegetable vendor at the Obili neighbourhood says the major problem they face is that of transportation. Due to bad roads, she said buses transporting vegetable arrive late and this delay causes the “NjamaNjama” to get bad. Despite this she still makes some profits. Her daily gain varies from FCFA 1000 per bag to FCFA 1500. Titu Nelly, consumer of this vegetable is not happy with a reduction in the quantity of the huckleberry she buys though it is the high crop period.

“I bought 10 heaps of huckleberry last timeI came here at a thousand francs and we were unable to eat it twice a day. Today I am obliged to double the price for it to be sufficient for the family”.

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