Hon. Enwe Francis Abi: Monument of Hope!

Says Widikum must be connected by roads and bridges, as long as he wears the insignia.

Perhaps, Hon. Enwe Francis Abi, Member of Parliament for the Widikum constituency should be graded among the youngest in the Ngoa Ekelle Glass House. He wore the insignia in 2007, at the age of 36. A piece of history strange in many other contituencies! How did he rise so fast and so steadily?

“I completed my secondary education in 1992 in G.H.S Mbengwi where I made the Advanced Level certificate and then worked as New Apostolic Church minister till 2000 when I developed interest in schooling and doing business in South Africa. I earned a diploma in Business Administration from the Business Management Training College of Southern Africa, Johanesburg, and then relocated to Capetown in 2003 where I created a company known as New Era Coaching Africa. This company organized capacity building workshops for government agencies, individuals and institutions, and also handled conferences at international level.”

But, Hon. Enwe did not entirely bury his head in business abroad. He was actively involved in Cameroon politics, starting off as the President of Cameroonian Association of Western Cape. In 2007, he presented his candidature as Parliamentarian for Widikum under the ruling CPDM party. He scored a smooth victory, and has remained in Parliament till date, spinning his constituency from an enclave poor rural setting, merely identified with palm oil, to a semi urban zone filled with hope. He says Widikum must be connected with roads and bridges and lighted from north to south with electricity, as long as he remains where the laws are made and the cake is shared.

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