Holiday Jobs: Hawking to Supplement School Expenses

Youth younger than 15 trek long distances selling boiled groundnuts and other items to prepare for the new school year


Holiday makers have started counting their hard earned currency gotten for close to three months of holiday. When some students enjoy the period for resting and watching television, others seized the opportunity to raise money through petit-businesses. Most of the holiday makers who usually come from different regions hawk items like boiled groundnuts, electronic gadgets, dresses and fruits like oranges and carrot. Even the very small ones trek long distances, proposing their market stuffs to passersby and in some offices. They go about the activity either to help parents in the purchase of school items while others use the money as pocket money for the school year.

 “I am 15 year old. I sell boiled groundnuts because daddy stopped working after sustaining an injury on his foot and mommy is pregnant. With their states they will not be able to cover all the expenses required for my school year. The little business helps me make some fast money to purchase my school needs and even pay my school fee”, a form five student explained. Each day, he tours the Bonaberi, Bessengue, Akwa, Bonanjo and Bali neighbourhoods. All the miles covered only to return home with a maximum of FCFA 3,500 sales per day.

“I trek around Mambanda and Bonanjo neighbourhoods in search for clients. I willingly do this to earn about FCFA 1,500 per day. The money will help for my school year”, reveals a 14- year-old form two student.

In the course of wandering from one area to another the young fellows are exposed to various dangers like road accidents, abduction and rape amongst others. Nevertheless, they brave each day’s difficulty and heavy rain bearing in mind to have a smooth school year.

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