History At CHRACERH: Chantal Biya Communes With Happy Mothers

News about the “star” born last Wednesday, October 31, 2018, at the Yaounde Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital (CHRACERH), by a 62-yearold-woman, named Susanne M, through In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) continues to make headlines.

The luminous baby from a menopausal woman, yesterday, November 5, 2018 attracted an august visitor in the person of the First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya. Just like the three wise men in the bible that followed the brightness of the star to visit the infant Jesus with gifts, so too has Mrs Chantal Biya reacted to the good news coming from CHRACERH, a hospital she personally ensured saw the light of day.

A passionate Chantal Biya, full with empathy for women suffering from fertility problems joined four of such women to celebrate the birth of miracle babies into their families. The First Lady’s presence at the Ngousso neighbourhood in Yaounde to most of the women added a special touch to what they said; was by her grace that such a hospital ever existed in Cameroon.

It was a solemn visit packed with emotions as most of the women realised that the First Lady shared in their moments of sadness and joy. With the arrival of her motorcade at 4:00 pm, the First Lady immediately went to the hospitalisation block of the hospital. After sanitising her hands, her first stop was at room 308, where one could see a joyful Mama Suzanne on-hand to receive the First Lady. Warm embrace and words of gratitude characterised the First Lady’s entrance.

While Mama Susanne took time to explain her infertility journey to the First Lady, Mrs Biya without waiting for protocol, immediately crossed over to carry the joy of the day, baby Maria, as she is called. This was a moment of picture taking and the First Lady devoted her time for souvenirs photographs. Her second stop was at room 307 where a 52-year-old woman was also happy to receive such a visitor. The same scenario happened in room 306 and 305. At each stop, the First Lady listened attentively as each of the women narrated their infertility history.

She used the event to encourage them in their new life as mothers. The Director General of the Hospital, Professor Jean Marie Kasia, said the First Lady’s visit was a historic one and they are happy to receive such an appreciation from her in their journey with IVF which is a long and complicated one given that it is not all the time, the IVF procedure is successful. “The First Lady’s visit has come to encourage and give us more energy in doing what we are doing,” Prof. Kasia noted.

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