High Tech: New Mobile Application For Better Lives

This application will change one’s relationship with those he cares about, while protecting his private information at the same time.


Introducing the community to the need to use today’s digital communication technologies as productivity tools as opposed to purely social interaction media through new software called “ConnectLT”. This is the major objective of Dr. Oben Moses Tataw and his group latreats USA. The application has five key high level features: Contact Management, Event Planning, Living Conversations, Office Appointment Management and Business Listings. Being conscious of the dangers of cyber security and the role of the user in giving access, ConnectLT have developed a serious product that takes user privacy very seriously and are committed to protecting user information and communications at all cost.

ConnectLT is not a social network in the true sense of it. It is however a private network where the user is in control of his/her information. It is a serious application for businesses and young professionals, with features designed to improve the lives of everyone, between the ages of 13 and 100. It is designed for institutions (government, private, small and big) as well as individuals.

ConnectLT is unique and currently has no immediate competitor, given its package of features, ConnectLT is built on a revolutionary Living Connections platform designed by laTreats, an American company. ConnectLT is backed by a panel of Computer Scientists at the top of their field. As for its benefits, it will get Cameroonians organised and focused, which in turn increase their productivity. It will help them save money. Cameroonians will never pay for contacts backup or restoration again.

The vision and direction of all this is a result of ConnectLT partnership with a local business in Yaounde, Cameroon, called Forever Connected Cameroon.  Forever Connected does the market research, and makes software request to latreats, which then build the applications to solve specific and relevant needs in the Cameroonian community. According to Dr. Oben Tataw, the partnership also gives him a chance to bring back to Cameroon all the knowledge he has gained in his professional life.


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