High Consumer Goods Promotional Sales: Underway In Yaounde

The operation, which started over the weekend at the May 20 Avenue ends on October 1, 2016.

High consumer goods like cooking oil, soap, sugar, breakfast stuff and rice, are on promotional sale at the May 20 Avenue. A golden opportunity for Yaounde denizens who can make it to the sales point where most local companies have reduced the prices of their goods by 5, 10, 15 and even 20 per cent to relieve the public of the financial burden of school resumption. Some vegetable oils have dropped from FCFA 6,000 to FCFA 5,500 for five liters, spaghetti from FCFA 500 to FCFA 400 for 500 grams, a packet of sugar from FCFA 700/750/800 to FCFA 625 and 25 kg of perfumed rice from FCFA 11,500 to FCFA 10,500. Unperformed rice remains relatively cheap while breakfast cookies like biscuits and milk have also seen prices sliced by some local importers and manufacturers. Some 1,800-gram containers of milk sell at the fair ground at FCFA 8,000, down from FCFA 9,000, 400 grams at FCFA 1,500, down from FCFA 2,500 and 2.5 grams for other companies at FCFA 5,000, down from FCFA 7,000. A litre of palm oil sells at FCFA 600, down from FCFA 800. The fair ground is a veritable avenue for business.

The Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Atangana Mbarga, launched the second promotional sale exercise on Friday September 23, 2016, stating that it was government’s response to assisting parents after financial constraints from school resumption. He said the operation was not only limited to Yaounde, but all the 10 regional headquarters. “We are exhibiting Cameroon-made goods. The goal is to promote local-made as a means to revive the industry,” the Minister said. He however stated that each enterprise at the sales ground had its marketing policy but notwithstanding, must agree with organizers to reduce the prices of its goods.


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