Handball: FAP Champions Of Cameroon

The Armed Forces and Police men and women teams won the 2017 championship title at the finals of the Play Off tournament in Yaounde on Saturday October 8


FAP (men) and FAP (women) are the winners of the 2017 edition of the national handball championship title. This was the outcome of the 2017 national handball Play Off that took place in Yaounde on Saturday October 8, 2017. Organised by the Cameroon Handball Federation (FECAHAND), the competition brought together clubs from across the country. The competition which lasted for five days marked the end of the handball season in Cameroon for 2017. It was an opportunity for Yaounde inhabitants and its environs to watch young Cameroonians display rich talents in handball.

In the men’s competition, FAP Handball Club beat MINUH Handball Club of Yaounde 21-15 in an encounter that kept the stadium alive with spectators cheering the players. FAP dominated the first half of the game with powerful shooters like Bindzi Yannick, Fokou Assongana and Tignemb Njewel, among others. They had an easy ride over their opponents with swift and accurate passes as if to revenge the defeat against MINUH in the opening game of the tournament. MINUH put up a strong fight with strikers like Mangana Cedric, Marafa Garba and Bassoben Panphile, among others. Both teams separated at half time on 13-8 score margin. On resumption FAP continued with their domination over MINUH with more experienced techniques. Efforts by MINUH to reduce scores were futile. At the end of the encounter the scoreboard read 21-15 in favour of FAP.

Earlier, FAP Handball (women) beat Dynamique of Bokito 29-24 to grab the championship title. The four teams will represent Cameroon in the African Clubs Competitions in the days ahead. Ebanga Baboga Cyrielle Paola of Dynamique de Bokito was awarded the trophy for the best scorer in the women’s competition with 18 goals in four matches while Adjeng Tristan of Fondation Nziko Avenir received the trophy for the best scorer of the tournament in the men’s competition with 24 goals in four matches. The Fair Play trophy went to YUC Handball Club of the University of Yaounde 1.

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