Grand Prix International Chantal Biya Preparations Intensify

A preparatory meeting took place at the cycling federation and another will follow today at Minsep.


With less than two weeks to go to the kick off of the 2016 edition of the cycling race christened after the First lady, Chantal Biya, preparations are hitting a higher gear. An umpteenth preparatory meeting took place yesterday at the level of the federation chaired by the president, Honoré Yossi. The meeting was aimed at evaluating the level of preparations ahead of the preparatory meeting to be chaired by the minister of Sports and Physical Education, Bidoung Mkpatt today.

Meanwhile the Cameroonian cyclists who took part in the Tour of Cote d’Ivoire are back in the country after an honourable performance where they emerged 5th from among the 10 participating teams on the general classification table and Kamzong Abessolo won two lap victories. Kamzong Abessolo also emerged 7th from among the 46 cyclists who took part in the race and also emerged the 4th best sprinter.

Meanwhile the cyclists from Cote d’Ivoire have joined the rest of the cycling national team which had been training in Mbalmayo in preparation for the upcoming Grand Prix Chantal Biya. The Grand Prix international Chantal Biya will take place from October 12 to 16, 2016. It is worthy to note that the race referee has already been designated in the person of Frenchman, Jean Pierre Coppenole who is already used to Cameroon having taken part in the 2015 edition of the Tour of Cameroon.

The race course has also been rendered public as it will comprise four laps covering a total distance of 577km. the first lap will be between Yaounde and Bafia over a distance of 122km while the second lap will be run between Yaounde and Ebolowa. The third lap will take place between Zoetele and Meyomessala passing through Sangmelima whereas the fourth and last lap will be between Sangmelima and Yaounde.


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