“Gov’t Has Created and Equipped Technical Schools”

What presentation do you make of the technical education sector in the country? 

The technical education sector today unlike in the past has been propelled to the limelight. This is because stakeholders including parents and students have realised that the State alone cannot train and recruit everybody. If education must lead to job creation and wealth creation, then technical education must be promoted. Statistically speaking, the paradigm shift from a predominantly general education oriented society to one which leads to technical knowhow has been concretised by the creation and equipment of many technical schools nationwide. In fact, we can now boast of a technical school in most subdivisions of Cameroon. This is a great leap forward which was recently even made more concrete by the creation of bilingual technical schools in some towns like Yaounde and Douala.

As days go by, technologies are changing so are equipment. Does the country have the equipment needed to effectively train students in the different sectors of technical education?

We might not say that the country has reached the level of self sufficiency as far as the equipping of workshops to match the technological trend is concerned. But, we can rightly say that the State is doing a lot. It is a process. Remember this system of education is very cumbersome and expensive but the State is doing its best though much is still expected.

How does the sector train students to be apt for the job market rather than waiting to be employed by the government or other sectors?

To get the students ready for the job market, the State has implemented a new pedagogic method known as “The Competence-Based Approach  » and secondly, « Industrial Internships  » which give students the field reality as well as define their own strategies to be self employed. The focus of Open Days on technical education is to sell the competence to the public. Giving room for industrial heads

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