Gicam Amends Statutes

The Employers Association of Cameroon commonly known as Gicam, met in an ordinary and extraordinary general assembly on December 13th and adopted a resolution modifying certain provision of its statutes. According to the head of GICAM, Célestin Tawamba, the amendments are geared towards making Gicam a modern organisation, shiny and powerful based on concrete actions with concern for its positive impact on the activities and performances of members. The reforms lay the groundwork for a Gicam not of strong men but a strong institution at the service of its members and enterprises, he said.

Prominent among the reforms is the reduction of the mandate of the president of Gicam from five to three years and he or she is re-eligible only once.  The executive council becomes the board of directors with membership equally reduced to a maximum of 15 members as opposed to 18 in the past and the president can co-opt only three members as opposed to six in the past. The strategic council has been dissolved giving the council of wise more powers to act as a judicial organ in instances of arbitration in case of litigations among members. It also has to intervene in the case of the incapacity to run the affairs of the association and sees into the good conduct of elections. The council of the wise also sees into the respect of the charter of ethics and good governance. It has to be consulted in matters of reform of the statutes of the association.

Prior to the extraordinary general assembly where the reforms were adopted, there was the 27th ordinary general assembly during which featured a special guest of honour in the person of  Jean-Marie Ackah, president of the Ivorian Employers Union, CGECI, shared experiences with Gicam on the relationship between the State and the private sector in Côte d’Ivoire.

Other items on the menu of the ordinary general assembly included a presentation of a project geared towards environmental protection known as SUNREF, a presentation on the Declaration of Good Governance for enterprises as well as a presentation of the report of activities of Gicam by the executive secretary, Alain Blaise Batongue.

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