Garga Haman Adji: Freestyle Campaigner

Frontrunner of the Alliance for Democracy and Development, Garga Haman Adji has no particular campaign style. He is very flexible as he adapts and changes his campaign pattern to that of the population or the locality being visited. Basically, the ADD flagbearer has three noticeable campaign styles: public rallying, targeted communication and personal encounters.

These styles have been used in the different towns and villages visited by the former state administrator during this campaign period which began on September 22, 2018. He equally grants interviews to journalists and participates in political debate programmes as a strategy of seducing and wooingthe electorate.

Usually, he gets in touch with the population as an indication of his involvement with them. Throughout the campaigns or whatever strategy he uses, he presents the different projects he has for the nation should he be voted President of the Republic on October 7. 

His campaign caravans and team can be seen on the field, convincing citizens of their activities and ambitions for the country.

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