Frankline Ndifor Afanwi: Exploiting Manifold Communication Strategies

Grand rallies and door-todoor campaigns are the main strategies utilised by Cameroon National Citizens Movement to garner votes for its candidate, Frankline Ndifor Afanwi. It is one, we gathered, considered a sure-fire way of bonding with the electorate as it gives an opportunity for physical meetings.

Before getting to the stage on the campaign grounds in every city, the religious leader tours the metropolis in a slowmoving convoy, greeting citizens who gather around his jeep, stretching out their hands for handshakes and blessings.

Besides speaking to large crowds and carrying out door-to-door, the presidential hopeful has also adopted other means of mass communication such as participating in radio, TV shows, distribution of flyers, posters, and sharing campaign messages on social media platforms. It suffices to type the words “Prophet Frank – Ndifor Frankline Afanwi” in the search section of Facebook to find the page on which he updates his daily activities.

Through this social media network, the 38-year-old candidate of the Cameroon National Citizens Movement is likely to reach millions of Cameroonians in the cyberspace and sure to interact with over 3,500 active followers. Prophet Frank’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are equally animated on a regular basis by a dynamic communication team consisting of 11 journalists

. The members of the communication team equally disseminate the same messages in WhatsApp groups, to reach a wider audience; all in a bid to guarantee victory for the preacher.

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