Francophonie Parliamentary Assembly: Two Cameroonian MPs Honoured

Below is a press release from the National Assembly.

The Secretary General of the National Assembly hereby informs the general public that following the deliberations of the 43rd session of the Francophonie Parliamentary Assembly (APF), which held from 6 to 11 July 2017 in Luxembourg, two Cameroonian Members of Parliament were distinguished. They are:

Honourable Etong Hilarion, Senior Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and President of the PF, Cameroon Branch, re-elected Member of the Permanent Bureau of this Inter Parliamentary Organization;
Honourable Epoube Lydienne re-elected President of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of the same organization;
These distinctions which  followed the nomination of these two parliamentarians by the 25th Africa Regional Assembly that held from 22 to 24 May 2017, in Rabat, Morocco, brought honour to our country. This is another victory for our parliamentary diplomacy.

The following Cameroonian delegation went to Luxembourg headed by Honorable Hilarion Etong.


Hon. Epoube Lydienne;
Hon. Ateawung Foju Bernard;
Hon. Joshua Nambangi Osih
Se, Obam Assam Samuel;
Sen. Etame Massoma David Siegfriend;
Sen. Ngayap Pierre Flambeau;
Sen. Ouli Ndongo Monique;
Sen. Sonkin Etienne;
Mr Bouba Halidou, Director of the Coordination Department and Administrative Secretary of the APF Cameroon Branch.
Mrs Tongo Thérèse, Head of Division of the Ministry Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Relations with Parliament.

The Secretary General of the National Assembly


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