Forzah Edward Egbe:“ Lake Nyos is Touristic ”



What do you consider to be the heights and depths of Fungom Sub division?

Fungom sub division is the home of very hard working people spread across some 25 villages. It is a sub division that harbours the Tikar is, Bantus, Fulani and Mbororo people who depend mostly on agriculture and pastoral activities for survival. The population is largely involved in artisanal farming and pastoral activities in an area where industrial farming is absent. The difficult terrain has inspired the population to be very enterprising as they dream of the day that the stretch of “ring road” that crosses Fungom sub division shall be tarred.The daily worries of the area are lack of good feeder roads to help them channel farm produce to distance markets, though the Zhoa Council is doing much to disenclave the area.

What are the challenges of administration in a sub division like Fungom?

 It requires level headedness to administer Fungom sub division where farmer/grazer conflicts are regular. It is more so because the role of traditional authorities in land management is poor and has insignificant impact. Most traditional rulers do not master legislation on land matters. They arbitrary allocate land to grazers, resulting in a plethora of farmer/grazer disputes. Zhoa, the capital of the sub division has been in darkness for years, meanwhile surrounding villages of Weh, Kuk, Esu and Bafmen enjoy electricity. Zhoa is among some 32 villages of the country that featured on rural electrification list in the last three years. The population is still waiting, following reports that the contractor allegedly went bankrupt.

How safe is Lake Nyos,31 years after the poisonous emmision that killed close to 2000 inhabitants in 1986?

 Lake Nyos is becoming an attractive site. Scientific assurance holds that the degassing process is about 95 percent. Three degassing pipes keep the accumulation of gas at a stable level, making it less dangerous. The likelihood of a future explosion has been reduced to a minimum. The lake surroundings will be declared habitable when a security belt would have be established, demarcated and materialized. Once that is done it will help to resettle the displaced population, most of whom want to return to the land of their ancestors.

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