Flying Eye Hospital In Cameroon: 235 Patients To Be Treated Freely

The Minister of Public Health granted a press conference yesterday October 4 on the mission of the humanitarian NGO.

The Flying Eye Hospital of the Non-Profit International Organisation; ORBIS will later today, October 5, 2015 land at the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport for a one month mission to treat people with blindness-related diseases as well as provide hands–on training to some 78 eye care professionals in the country.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Andre Mama Fouda recalled that, unlike Mercy Ships, the ORBIS mission is not a mass care campaign, but rather the mentoring of the personnel by their mentors. He explained that amongst the 78 Cameroon eye care professionals, each has already identified difficult cases in their area of work and such has already been discussed online with their ORBIS mentors. Thus, the 235 patients concerned by the current ORBIS mission are already known, especially as the mission had been prepared long ago. In this light, the Minister of Public Health emphasised that the population needs to know: “No admission of patient is planned during the ORBIS mission.” Hence, the population should not move to the Nsimalen International Airport, the Yaounde Central Hospital or the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute at Oback in the Centre Region.

ORBIS is coming to Cameroon for the 3rd time. The first two missions took place at the Douala International Airport in 1991 and in the Yaounde International Airport in 2013.  After strengthening its presence in Cameroon through the signing of the headquarters agreement, renovating and strengthening of the technical platform of the Yaounde Central Hospital Ophthalmology ward and participating in the activities of the National Blindness Control Programme, the current ORBIS mission will be carried out on three sites (the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport in the Flying Eye Hospital, the Yaounde Central Hospital and the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute at Oback). ORBIS experts will help Ophthalmologists in Cameroon acquire basic treatment skills from most recent eye techniques treatment and updated knowledge with focus on cataract surgery, glaucoma, retina pathologies, strabismus and ophthalmopaediatry, paediatric anaesthesia and theatre management for eye surgery. The 78 learners are from second and third category hospitals. For ORBIS to successfully carry out its mission the government will amongst other things secure the aeroplane during a period of one month, exempt from taxes the import of equipment and drugs associated to the mission and contribute to the management of the 235 patients selected.

ORBIS is in Cameroon at the special invitation of the Head of State and upon landing today, activities to begin work will officially be launched on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

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