First School Exams Underway

Some 21545 candidates for the First School Leaving Certificate in the Littoral region began sitting for the exam yesterday, 11th june 2019. At the Lay Catherine examination centre in the Bonamoussadi neighbourhood in Douala, 431 out of the 435 who registered for the examination, answered present, with only four absences recorded.

According to the chief of the sub centre, Kimbi Michael Shey, they held a planning meeting with invigilators on the eve of the exams to dish out instructions on how to conduct the exams hitch-free. To ensure security and avoid fraud or cheating, parents were not allowed to pass through the school gate while the candidates were searched not only for dangerous objects but also for objects like mobile phones, notebooks or papers; “we provide papers even for rough work’, he said.

There are two invigilators per class, he said. It was the same scenario at the Anderson Lay centre where all 495 candidates who registered for the exams, responded present. The security personnel at the entry into the campus was beefed up while bags, phones and other objects were collected form the candidates and put in front of the examination hall.

According to the chief of centre, Ewang Neville, the invigilators are changed after every subject to avoid familiarity with the candidates. Meanwhile the campus was as quiet as a cemetery as candidates were concentrated on writing the Mathematics II subject.

Writing will go on for two days. On the first day of writing on Tuesday June 11, the candidates began writing Mathematics I, then Mathematics II, followed by ICT. There was also a catch up session for candidates who missed out on the practical phase of the sports exams as well as the written part of the sports exams. Today, the examination will feature subjects like French, general paper I, II and III as well as the orals in the French language.

It is worthy to mention that of the 21545 candidates sitting for the exams in the littoral region, 10177 are girls while 11368 are boys. The Moungo Division has the peculiarity of hosting over 2000 candidates coming from the restive North West and South West Regions.

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