Film Market: Ecrans Noirs On Display

The association to promote films in the Central Africa region is taking part in the film exhibition ground at the Ouaga 2000 International Centre.

The 18th edition of the International Market for African Films dubbed, MICA, is a veritable platform for those involved in the film industry in Africa. Considered as one of the major highlights of FESPACO 2017, MICA is that much needed junction where film directors are looking for producers as well as actors/actresses looking for which stage to exhibit their potentials. Amongst the 54 film exhibition stands from over 13 African countries is found the stand of Ecrans Noirs, an association involved in promoting films not only in Cameroon but in the Central Africa Sub-region.

Ecrans Noirs is not just exhibiting what they know they can do best but it is also participating in professional colloquium, round table discussions and conferences which will enable the association to gain knowledge that will help push forward the film industry in Cameroon. On the exhibition stand of Ecrans Noirs are found the different official posters of all the Ecrans Noirs Festivals organised in Cameroon. The Director of Ecrans Noirs Festival, Marcel Epée, explained that they are out to promote and inform the public about the activities of Ecrans Noirs which goes beyond film festival.

Marcel Epée noted that Ecrans Noirs has a specialised Institute for Training in Cinema and Audiovisual Trades in the Central Africa Sub-Region dubbed ISCAC. The school facilitates the making of any good actor or actress in Cameroon and beyond with the necessary skills and techniques in cinematography. MICA is also an opportunity for Ecrans Noirs to inform others about the up-coming edition of the Erans Noirs Festival come July this year in Yaounde. Special about the festival which is in its 20th edition will be a film market space which will give an opportunity for those who want to sell their script or buy films.

Another Cameroon film producer on exhibition at Ouagadougou is Patou Films International with owner, Jean Roke Patoudem. On his stand could be seen posters of films he has produced with focus on his latest production, a series called “Aissa”, which was shoot in Cameroon.

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