Fighting Coronavirus : Possible Resumption Of Classes On June 1st

Ladies and gentlemen,

The lnterministerial Committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of Govemment’s response strategy to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemie, this Thursday, 16 April 2020, held its weekly meeting to assess on-going actions.

Four major observations were made at the end of the various reports presented during this meeting.

Firstly, it appears the number of patients testing positive for COVID-19 continues to increase. Statistics

provided by the Ministry of Public Health show that 996 people have been infected, against 731 on 9 April.


However, 164 people have been declared healed from COVID-19, while 22 deaths from this virus have been reported.

As a result, the mortality rate ofCOVID-19 remains very low in our country, compared to the total number of patients testing positive and to the situation in other countries.

Secondly, It was noted that the population largely adheres to the measures prescribed by the Head of State to limit the spread ofCOVID-19 in Cameroon.

The measure conceming the compulsory wearing of protective masks in areas open to the public is welcomed and applied by a very large majority of our compatriots.

In this regard, 1 would like to state that the technical standards and specifications recently published by the Minister of lndustry are not intended to give a few companies the monopoly in producing masks.


The aim of these standards is to improve the quality and effectiveness of masks produced by our local industry, and even artisanal masks produced by our tailors and seamstresses, in order to increase the level of individual and collective protection.

Moreover, the mask does not stop compliance with social distancing measures.

1 would like to observe that markets are still a major area of concerne

l, therefore, call for a sense of civic-mindedness and responsibility, for better flow in markets.

Thirdly, the Govemment has taken full measure of the difficulties faced by certain key sectors of our economy as a result of the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemie.

1 am thinking in particular of the transport, hospitality and catering sectors.


In this regard, 1 would like to say that the restrictions that have been imposed on these sectors and many others since 17 March 2020, are certainly difficult to bear or manage, but essential to protect the national community, given the magnitude ofthis global pandemie.

lt goes without saying that the restrictions inherent in this health crisis will be gradually lifted as the pandemie is brought under control nationally and intemationally.

Fourthly, the Govemment notes with satisfaction the mobilization of national and international stakeholders in the fight against COVID-19 in our country.

1 would like to seize this opportunity to thank these stakeholders for their generosity and solidarity by accepting to support us materially and financially in the fight against this pandemie,


There is every reason to believe that actions being carried out in various fields to limit the spread of this virus in our country are already producing encouraging results and deserve to be intensified on the ground until this pandemie is eradicated.

It is in this regard that the Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA, has taken the following three decisions:

the renewal, for an additional 15 days, of the 13 restrictive measures published on 17 March 2020 as part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in our country, to which are added the additional measures communicated on 9 April 2020;


the resumption of classes, on the indicative date of 1 June 2020, in all schools and universities, as well as in vocational training centres and professional schools.

It is understood that this measure is subject to change, depending on the evolution of the pandemie;

urgent finalization of the study to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the national economy, and urgent determination of accompanying measures to be implemented to support the most affected sectors, as weIl as the most fragile households.

The Head of State has instructed me to congratulate the specialized teams of the Ministry of Public Health and all other sectoral administrations for their daily investment in the implementation of the measures adopted to contain this pandemie,


To conclude, the Committee’ s findings to date give us reason to be optimistic about our ability to contain this pandemie.

T 0 this end, 1 would like once again to urge the population to continue being actively involved in implementing the measures prescribed by the Head of State, by remaining mobilized and vigilant, and above aIl, by working closely with the Govemment to overcome this pandemie.

Thank you.-

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