Fighting Climate Change: MPs Armed With Documents

Two important books on the fight against climate change were distributed to Members of the National Assembly during a special session on June 13, 2018.


Members of Cameroon’s National Assembly are expected to henceforth be more efficient in contributing to the fight against climate change thanks to two key books they now possess. The books are “Science, Economic and Politics of Climate Change: A guide for policymakers in Cameroon” and “Bottom-up Climate Legislation in Cameroon”.  The second publication is a compilation of suggestions for a general approach to develop legislative interventions on climate change through public consultations.

The Pan-African Parliamentarians’ Network on Climate Change (PAPNCC) with Hon. Awudu Mbaya as the Executive President organised the public presentation and distribution session of the books that took place in the Chamber of the National Assembly. The Senior Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Hilarion Etong chaired the event on behalf of the House Speaker, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril. In his keynote speech, he painted the negative effects of climate change  in the country  to include farmers who are not sure of when rain will fall and uncertainty about their harvests. Considering the disastrous impact of climate change, Hon. Hilarion Etong stated that an urgent fight was needed. He cited the different ways Cameroon was committed to the fight. He lauded the efforts of Pan-African Parliamentarians’ Network on Climate  Change to obtain the two books produced by the organisation Konrad Adenauer Stiftung  for distribution in  Cameroon.

The Minister of the Environment,   Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Hélé Pierre speaking during the event said fighting climate change through ensuring biodiversity conservation was everyone’s concern.  He said the National Assembly has a great role to play in the fight. The Environment Minister talking about the books  presented and distributed in the House Chamber  said they came to strengthen the capacities of MPs to enable them take appropriate and better decisions.

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