Fight Against Boko Haram: Joint Task Force Trained On Detecting Explosives

Some 56 Cameroonian and Nigerian soldiers received end of course attestations in Yaounde on November 25, 2016.


Within the framework of the Multinational Joint Task Force for the fight against terrorist sect, Boko Haram, put in place by the Lake Chad Basin Commission, some 56 Cameroonian and Nigerian military personnel have ended a two-week training on techniques of detecting and detonating explosive devices without posing a danger to soldiers and the population at large. The training that took place in Ngaoundere from November 16 to 24, 2016, was organised by the Cameroon Military Engineering Corps in collaboration with France.

End of course attestations were handed to course participants in Yaounde on November 25, during a ceremony chaired by Forces Inspector, representing the Defence Chief of Staff, in the presence of military attaches to the Nigerian and French embassies in Yaounde.  Colonel Jackson Kamgain, Director of the Military Engineering Corp situated the training into context stating that both countries are faced with the same Boko Haram menace reason why the two Defence chiefs of Staff decided to join efforts in fighting Boko Haram. Explosives devices, he noted remain a major challenge in contemporary warfare, the training was therefore to reinforce their capacity in detecting, destroying and neutralising such devices.

The Military Attaché to the French Embassy remarked that his country has always been besides Cameroon in the fight against Boko Haram. He announced another donation of automobile equipment to Cameroon’s defence forces in the days ahead. On his part, the Military Attaché to the Nigerian High Commission in Yaounde, Navy Captain Muhsin Yahaya Abba, saluted improved cooperation between both countries. With such joint military collaboration, the common enemy will be annihilated within a shorter period. “It is important for forces that are operating in the field to have the know-how to detect explosives and detonate them without harming the public or the forces themselves,” he stressed.

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