FENASCO league B: 38 Athletes Disqualified

The 12th edition of games ends today in Bamenda with athletes playing strictly by the rules


Impressive trials in some sports disciplines thrilled spectators on day three of the National School games in Bamenda yesterday April 5, 2017. It was a day during which respective delegations showcased strength in the medal hunt. It was against this backdrop that the Adamawa volleyball team overwhelmed the Littoral at the boys finals,while the  North West region showcased Joel  Nubi as the brightest spot in gymnastics.  The Littoral region rounded off with the overall best with Judokas of the competition. In effect, Basic Education Minister Youssouf Adidja  Alim spent yesterday watching thrilling finals in athletics, volleyball, Badminton and wrestling.

Ahead of the closing event today, the Littoral ran Ahead in medals chart with a goal medal by the close of day two action ahead of the Centre with four goal medals, three each for the West and Far North.  The South West, North and South were yet to register any goal medal by press time.

Away from that, discipline has been at its best during the games with athletes and officials playing by the rules. The games that ran from the 3rd  -6th of April 2017 had some 38 athletes disqualified for irregular paper work and morphology betrayals. The number is appreciable when compared with some 278 athletes disqualified during the 11th edition in Ebolowa, South region. Officials stressed the need for tolerance and fair play at the launch of the event on April 3rd, 2017. It was the host city’s  Delegate  Vincent Ndumu Nji who challenged athletes and officials to grow in brotherhood, respect the verdict of match officials and emerge as the models in the Olympic values Of fraternity, love, peace , solidarity and progress.

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