Female AFCON 2016: Limbe Omnisports Stadium Set

All elements required by CAF are now in place for next month jamboree.


 Cameroon will spread out its arms from 19 November through 3 December to host an Africa event that will draw attention from the entire globe. It will be the female version of the African Football Cup of Nations (AFCON) involving eight top countries practicing the sport on the Continent.

The infrastructure to host the matches has been completed but for a few last minutes touches. Pitches for matches and training grounds in Limbe and Buea are ready. Most especially the Omnisports stadium in Limbe is just waiting for the event.

The 20.000-seater Limbe stadium whose construction works by a Chinese company, started in 2011, is today a come-and- see jewel. As shown round by the Director of the Limbe omnisports Stadium, Mrs. Ekombe nee Wanki Pascaline, the players’ four dressing rooms are spackling clean and finished. The turf is under mower by experts specially trained for the job. Medical and ticketing rooms are ready. Parking lots are under machine compacting. Electricity is flowing with the playground completely lighted. The water taps are sprinkling and the conference rooms are wholly equipped.

The first international match on the Limbe Omnisports Stadium last 28 March, 2016, against South Africa witnessed by CAF and Cameroon’s top Officials was already testimony to the Country’s readiness for the games today. Six months down the lane, things can only have changed for the better.   

As accompaniments to the occasion, the Tiko – Limbe road whose bitumen was giving way has been patched up for smooth and bumpy-free circulation. Access roads to the stadia are attractively paved. Some Limbe streets have been enlarged with traffic lights introduced. The Regional Hospital in Limbe and the Annex in Buea have been equipped with responsive medical utilities to withstand cases during the competition.

The facelift in Buea and Limbe in the South West Region gives the taste of football sprees in the country even after the AFCON event. An insider talked of some CFA 75 Billion injected in infrastructure by the State to merit the rendez-vous. Hotels like Fini, Seme and Atlantic Beach in Limbe; those in Buea like Mountain, Parliamentarian Flats, Chariot earmarked to lodge the players are all flung open, waiting. A lot more hotels, restaurants and tourism sites are well braced up for the great event.

Various Ministerial delegations have visited Buea and Limbe to inspect infrastructure and take urgent decisions on the ground. However, the general population has its own part to play. Key among the population is the segment of transporters who have been variedly sensitized on how to move visitors from one place to another with utmost hospitality and security.

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