FECAFOOT : Club Licensing System Envisaged

Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is envisaging the introduction of the club licensing system to combat non-payment of salaries. The revelation was made during an Extraordinary General Assembly of FECAFOOT that took place in Yaounde on Friday, July 26. The meeting was the first since Seidou Mbombo Njoya was voted to the helm of the institution. 

Speaking at the opening, the President of FECAFOOT said their concern is to put in place a club licensing system and that only clubs that will respond to the stated requirements will be eligible to participate in FECAFOOT activities. During the deliberations the members came up with concrete resolutions that will bring about some changes in the institution. The members examined and adopted certain projects for modification that were set on the table. The members adopted the modifications on the status of female football and youth football in the country. According to Seidou Mbombo Njoya the innovation for this year is the creation of women’s football league and youth football league which will kick off next season. The sum of FCFA 6.1 billion was adopted as budget for 2019. 

The general assembly adopted the resolution number five of the Executive Committee that held on July 25 which instructed the National Technical Director to submit an annual plan of action bringing out the objective, budget, evaluation criteria and results. He also has to propose a chronogram of activities in the short and long terms with estimated objectives and figures. The general assembly also recommended that the Executive Committee should put in place an Ad hoc committee in charge of examining the conditions and modalities for the completion of the headquarters of FECAFOOT situated in the Warda neighbourhood. 

The members also recommended that new affiliated member of FECAFOOT, Association of Professional of Sports Medicine (APROMES), should take measures to extend their activities to all the regions of the country.

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