EU/Central Africa : Stakeholders Review Cooperation Mechanisms

A meeting of support units to managers of finances from the European development fund ended in Douala on October 5, 2017


In order to acquaint actors to the new orientation of EU/ACP cooperation and enable African countries reap maximum benefit from the cooperation, a meeting regrouping support units of national and regional managers of EU funds in Central Africa took place in Douala.

Presiding at the opening ceremony of the meeting at the Sawa hotel in Douala on October 4 2017, the Director of Integration at the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Dorothy Bekolo, representing the Minister said the holding of the meeting was prompted by the low consumption of resources from the EU due to insufficient capacity and lack of flexibility in addressing new concerns. Reason why the national and regional managers of EU funds in Central Africa decided to create a network for the sharing of experiences in order to reinforce their capacities and increase the consumption rate of finances from the European Union.

The chief of cooperation at the EU Delegation in Yaounde, Mats Liljefelt disclosed that new consensus for cooperation with ACP countries is built on five pillars or five “Ps”; people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. People have to do with the promotion of human rights and listening to the voice of the people, planet has to do with environmental protection; prosperity is linked to economic development, peace with the promotion of democracy and gender equality and partnership in joint planning and implementation of EU/ACP programmes.

The meeting is expected to acquaint actors to the new vision, policies and strategies of the EU in matter of development; propose the needs of Central Africa which can be taken into consideration in the next ACP/EU cooperation framework, establish a platform for joint action; identify opportunities for common action and exchange success stories.

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