Eseka Train Accident: Donation Galore In Laquintinie Hospital

Some 34 of the 141 Eseka train accident victims are still receiving medical attention.


It has come to be an established fact that during disasters Cameroonians speak the same language of solidarity, love, patriotism and unity. Even though they are still making generous financial and material contributions towards the fight against Boko Haram, whom they see as a common enemy, it is yet joy for many to contribute the huge material donations to salvage the Eseka train accident victims in the Laquintinie Hospital.

Every day huge amounts of sardines, mineral water, toiletries, milk and many other things are being donated to the hospital. Hospital Director Prof. Louis Richard Njock described this gesture as a demonstration of love, solidarity and patriotism and thanked Cameroonian people and all who are making the sacrifice to help the most needy that are in pain in the hospital. While addressing media practitioners in the hospital October 26, he said the donation will be channel to the victims and those that remain will be offered to other patients in the medical establishment.

Since the day of the accident October 21, the Emergency Ward has received 141 patients who are victims of the Eseka train accident. By October 26, only 34 are still receiving medical care. The rest have been discharged. The corpse of one of the victims who died before reaching the hospital is in the mortuary. Through public solidarity, 455 sacks of blood (450 millilitres) have been generously donated. “We now have enough stock of blood in our Blood Bank sufficient for the next three months; in fact the public is playing an appreciable role to salvage the victims,” Prof. Njock lauded.

According to the Head of the Emergency Service, Dr. David Mekolo, a team of medical specialists was deployed to the accident scene at Eseka immediately the mishap was announced. So far a team of 52 medical staff have altogether worked and are still working round the clock to save the victims.

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