Environmental Degradation: National Situation Report In Gestation

Government is on the path to publish a new national environmental profile that would contain up-to-date data on the state and evolution of environmental degradation, environmental protection initiatives and areas that need supplementary attention.

Prof Kegne Fodouop, who is in charge of the production of the document, presented the methodology of its production in a two-day workshop opened in Yaounde, September 10, 2018 by the Minister of Environment,

Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development , Hele Pierre. Prof Fodouop said they are using the EMPIER method to come up with the document which would serve as a reference book that presents and analyses the state of Cameroon’s environment.

He disclosed that information gotten thus far shows the current state of environmental degradation in the country is alarming. The detailed document, the production of which is already 80 per cent complete, will be ready by the end of this year, he revealed.

Minister Hele Pierre re-echoed the constant evolution of the environment, noting that its various components are being troubled by aquatic, atmospheric and terrestrial pollutions, global warming, natural catastrophes, soil degradation and loss of biodiversity. To him, these occurrences need to be taken into consideration during strategic planning of socio-economic development policies.

He opined the environmental situation report that is being drawn up will be useful in this direction as it would contain reliable information on the state of natural resources and the potential changes that could occur in the environment. It should be noted that the new report would bring to three, the number of reports on the state of Cameroon’s natural environment.

The first was published in 1992 while the second was made public in 1998. Minister Hele Pierre pointed out that the previous reports did not meet international standards and the requirements of the 1996 environmental laws.

“The new report will come handy when government and development partners are discussing issues related to environmental protection,” he noted, adding that the ongoing initiative adds to several others that have been put in place with support from international donors.

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