Enthronement of Japan’s Emperor : PM Represents President Paul Biya

Japan’s Crowned Prince Naruhito will on October 22, 2019 be enthroned as the 126th Emperor of the country and the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute is already in Japan and will be representing the Head of State, Paul Biya during the enthronement ceremony. Naruhito became the Emperor of Japan on May 1, 2019 following the resignation of Emperor Akihito of Japan on April 30th 2019. The 84-year-old Emperor Akihito signaled his wish to retire in a video message in August 2016, citing concerns about his advanced age and health that could prevent him from fulfilling his duties, making him the first Japanese Emperor to do so in over two hundred years.

Going by reports from the national State broadcaster, the Prime Minister’s presence in the ceremony translates to the positive relations existing between Cameroon and Japan. Emissaries from 195 countries will be attending the coronation ceremony at the Imperial Palace alongside an estimated 2,500 domestic and foreign dignitaries. 

The enthronement day has been made a national holiday in Japan. Going by official reports, due to the devastation caused by Typhoon Hagibis that hit the country recently, a parade to celebrate Emperor Naruhito’s enthronement originally planned for Tuesday October 22nd has been postponed until Sunday November 10, 2019. 

Cameroon and Japan enjoy unstrained bilateral cooperations with both parties supporting each other on subjects on mutual interest. Japan congratulated President Paul Biya for convening the Major National Dialogue, and has extendede expertise and assistance to Cameroon in the domains of security, humanitarian and other social aspects.

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