End of Course Examination : Preparation Heightens

As the D-day for end of course examination draws nearer, school authorities and students are burning the midnight candle to ensure that all ends well. It is Easter break and most schools in Douala are organizing classes for children in examination classes. Be it GCE Advanced and Ordinary Level, BEPC, CAP, Probatoire or Baccalaureat will be written from the month of May. Primary school pupils in both the English and French systems of education are not left out of the equation. A sojourn to some schools in Douala reveals that classes are effective in most of the equation

At the Presbyterian Secondary School (PSS) Douala, students were busy receiving lessons while some were facing the disciplinary counsel. The principal of PSS Douala Dr Hans Bokwe Itoe made it known that it is a tradition for all Presbyterian schools to organize classes for children going in for end of course examination during Easter break. He said such classes are very important as it enables both teachers and students to make amends were necessary. He said at the moment he has 153 students in school who will be sitting in for both the Ordinary and Advanced level examinations. “We give them good food, treat them well and prepare them psychologically for the upcoming examination” he noted.  Dr Hans Bokwe Itoe said classes begin each day at 7:30am and ends at 7:30 pm. At the moment, he went on, we are doing revision, we completed our syllabuses in February, then wrote the School Mock in March. He enunciated that the Easter break classes is compulsory for children in all end of course examinations.

The story is not different at GBHS Bonaberi in Douala; here children were busy receiving techniques on how to answer questions and how to comport   during examination. According to the vice principal in charge of Forms five Gwei Tamanji Gilly Manka’a , they have finished with all their syllabuses  and at the moment they are tackling past questions and other questions set by teachers. “we are educating the children on how to answer examination questions and tutorial”. She said they will be sending in about 255 students for the Advanced level while about 520 for the ordinary level. She acknowledged that Easter holiday classes are very important for both the students and teachers.

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