Electoral Register: Littoral Region Targets High

The Littoral Regional Delegate for Elections Cameroon, Kwa Dicka Emmanuel has disclosed that his administration intends to register more than 100,000 voters during the current voter registration exercise which began on January 2nd. He said though the voter registration exercise is supposed to run up to August, the exercise will be halted as soon as the President of the Republic convenes elections since 2019 happens to be an electoral year.

He said the objective of his administration is to register more than about 90,000 voters registered last year. In order to achieve this objective, Kwa Dicka Emmanuel said they will continue with the usual strategy of meeting people in large areas of agglomeration such as markets, churches and other public meetings but will most especially seek for the assistance of the various public administrations. He said the exercise has been launched in about 30 Subdivisions of the Littoral with a solemn official launching in Yabassi in order to alert the public.

He said they have already registered some new voters but that it was too early to give figures. He however said the presidential election of 7 October 2018 has galvanised the public as more people nowshow interest in getting registered. He said his team has received a new consignment of equipment including what he referred to as latest generation kits, which will enhance the registration process.

He urged the public not only to get registered but to also make sure they pick up their voter’s cards and verify that their names feature on the electoral register now rather than wait for Election Day to start complaining that they can’t find their names on the register.

Meanwhile, at the regional Delegation for Elecam in the Littoral, stock piles of electoral lists and other equipment can be found in cartons, waiting to be dispatched to the various Divisions with their names labelled on them. Some few people trickle in to verify where they can collect their cards or simply get registered on the electoral list. The regional delegate is also multiplying meetings with his collaborators in preparation for the registration exercise.

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