Electoral Materials : Government Satisfied With Production

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji who is government’s agent in the electoral process of the February 9, 2020 twin legislative and council elections has expressed government’s satisfaction because all the electoral materials have been printed and in time.

He first expressed his satisfaction at the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM) that is in charge of printing all the materials of the two elections for five political parties The parties include Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), Social Democratic Front (SDF), National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP), Cameroon National Salvation Front (CNSF) and the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD).  All the material for the legislative election has been delivered to ELECAM and those for the council election is being delivered, SOPECAM officials said.

After a guided visit of the printing press and discussions with the SOPECAM General Manager, Marie-Claire Nnana and the Director of the Department of Production, Ozela Claude Ignace, the Minister declared, “We have seen that all the printing has been done, things are already in place”.  Minister Atanga Nji said he realised that all the materials going to the regions have been printed.  Remarking that SOPECAM has printed the materials 10 days ahead of the scheduled time, he declared that, “I am happy as the agent of the government  in this  electoral  process to say that SOPECAM  is  not only  very professional  but most of the time, they keep  to time  and respect  the calendar that has been  given them.” He remarked that  SOPECAM  has printed the material  10 days ahead of the scheduled time, he declared  “ I am impressed. It is  a job well done.  Everything  is done properly. I will make  my report  to the high quarters. I think  that  as for now  we are confident  that the elections will take place  on February 9, 2020.We will take the necessary  security measures  for the material  to get to the different  destinations in the days  ahead.”

Minister  Atanga  Nji and his entourage  were later received at the National  Printing Press by officials led by its Director Walter Paul Komo. At the end of a working session, Minister  Atanga Nji  congratulated  the National  Printing  Press  for having produced and delivered  the nine million  envelopes  within  two  weeks.

Answering  a question  on what happens  to the lists that are being rehabilitated  by the Administrative  Bench of the Supreme  Court concerning  the council election, the Minister  said that in anticipation,  ELECAM decided  to print all the ballot papers of all the political parties  concerned.  The ballot  papers of the rehabilitated  parties  will just be inserted  in the process  and those of rejected ones pulled out.

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