Electoral Material : Systematic Preparation Ongoing

Work is ongoing at the General Directorate of Elections in view of ensuring all goes smoothly during the election of members of the National Assembly and local representatives who will in the next five years according to the law take decisions on the development of the people they represent. Preparations at different levels include the fabrication and packaging of election material and dispatching to the regions for subsequent use in the different polling stations on election day. The printing of ballot papers is expected to begin in the days ahead. 

However, the Director General of Elections, Erik Essousse had in a press release on December 2, 2019 invited political parties who submitted nomination papers for the 9 February 2020 legislative and municipal elections, to show up at the Directorate General of Elections in order to specify and confirm the colour of their ballot papers and the retained logo of their respective parties for printing of their campaign and ballot papers.

Meanwhile, with regards to other electoral material being assembled at the Yaounde 101 Air force Base, the Chairperson of the Electoral Board and the Director General of Elections visited the place on December 24, 2019 to evaluate the state of advancement on work relating to the putting together of electoral material needed to be used before and on voting day. 

As concerns instituting polling stations, the Electoral Code in its Section 96 states that the Director General of Elections shall draw up the list of polling stations for every council. To this effect, Erik Essousse on December 21, 2019 through Decision No 0406/D/ELECAM/DGE laid down the organization and function of polling stations in view of the election of Members of Parliament and Municipal Councillors on 9 February 2020. Officials at Elections Cameroon noted every electoral material is being prepared in strict respect of the law.

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