ELECAM Far North Delegate Fired

Ali Hamidou was sacked recently on grounds of alleged unprofessional conducts.


The Regional Delegate of Elections Cameroon in the Far North Region, Ali Hamidou, has been relieved of his duties. He was dismissed recently by a decision of the Director General of Elections for alleged professional misconducts. Ali Hamidou has been replaced by Benjamin Lazabo, erstwhile Divisional Branch Head for Mayo-Kani Division in the Far North Region.

Ali Hamidou is accused to have been hiring ELECAM automobile materials to other administrative services of the region to carry out their missions. The decision to relieve him of his functions, Cameroon Tribune gathered, was intended to reaffirm ELECAM’s neutrality vis-a-vis the administration. Though an official in the Communication and Public Relations Division of Elections Cameroon admitted the dismissal of the Regional Delegate, she however refused to disclose the circumstances that led to Hamidou’s sacking. The fired Regional Delegate spent just one year at the helm of ELECAM Far North following his commissioning into the function on August 25, 2015.


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