Ekondo-Titi: Suspected Gang Leader Arrested With Fire Arms

Dieudonné Tamfu Tamngwah, 29, was arrested after they attacked the local Post Office.


According to information gathered, Tamfu left Douala with his accomplice, Valery, and for Ekondo-Titi. They later visited the Post Office in order to study the environment to ease their intended operation.

After careful elaboration of their strategy, they later returned to proceed with their act, but confronted the Post Master who resisted them before surrendering. The noise from the office attracted the attention of passersby, obliging the two robbers to flee. The Commissioner of Public Security, Ekondo-Titi, Blaise Noghen Fomeyo and the Divisional Officer, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, were immediately informed by the Post Master, who contacted the forces of law and order in Bongongo, who tracked down and arrested Dieudonne Tamfu.

The suspect was in possession of a sack containing three loaded locally-fabricated pistols. Meanwhile, his two accomplices, Essono and Valery, are said to have disappeared into thin air.  The Post Master reported that the bandits made away with the sum of 685,000 FCFA from his office in Ekondo-Titi, but Tamfu refuted the allegation, saying that they collected nothing. According to Dieudonné Tamfu Tamngwah, this was not their first burglary operation. In 2015, they made away with 600.000 FCFA, 3.8 million FCFA, and 2.1 million FCFA from a business lady through a money transfer operation.


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