Ekondo-Titi: Council Validates 2017 Accounts

Ekondo-Titi (Ndian)- Councilors of Ekondo-Titi Council sitting in the First Ordinary Session on May 31, 2018 at the Council Chambers deliberated and adopted the 2017 Administrative, Management and Stores Accounts for 2017.

The session took place in the presence of the Divisional Officer for Ekondo-Titi, Abolo Mathew who sat in for the Senior Divisional Officer for Ndian division, Lawrence Forwang Nwafor.

In a succinct explanation of how the money was raised and spent, the Mayor of Ekondo-Titi Council, Nanji Kenneth Ene, revealed that the 2017 Account stands at FCFA 720.161.075 in revenue, expenditure FCFA 606.528.865 living an excess of FCFA 113.632.210.

The above excess according to the Mayor would be inserted into the 2018 budget to carter for unliquidated previous year’s commitments. These analyses show that the realization rate for revenue was 76.33% while that of expenditure stood at 64.286%.

Mayor Nanji Kenneth however, explained that though they witness some excess, the 2017 had been a very difficult year, a year characterized by threats and uncertainty, a year in which the business climate dwindled to one of its lowest ebbs ever; the year in which the payment of taxes has witnessed a catastrophic fall.

He then thank God for what the Council realized after all the odds. He noted with satisfaction that the council assisted in many domains such as; construction of classrooms, culverts, among others.

He called on the Councillors to be focused and learn to discuss issues and not people. “We should favour the general interest of the population of this Municipality whose future lies in our hands” Nanji Kenneth noted.

He also reminded the Councilors that they are in times which calls for commitment and dedication.

The Mayor cautioned that they are almost getting to a halt in their mandate, reasons why he appealed to all to put aside personal interests and face the political challenges ahead of them.

He said as seasonal politicians they should know that the challenges awaiting them are enormous but if they can together as one man, they will make it by winning the 2018 Municipal elections.

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