Ekondo-Titi: Boy, 11, Rapes Baby To Death

The suspect, Sylvian Nanje Mukobe, is a pupil of Government Primary School, Kombe Balue.


An 11-year-old boy, Sylvian Nanje Mukobe, a pupil of Government Primary School, Kombe Balue in Ekodo-Titi Subdivision, Ndian Division of the South West Region, is now gnashing his teeth in the Gendarmerie dragnet in Lobe, Ekondo-Titi Subdivision for raping and killing a  one-year, six months baby girl.

According to the Divisional Officer for Ekond-Titi, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, who narrated the ordeal to the press, the incident occurred recently in Kombe Balue and was reported to him by the Regent of the village. According to a 7-year-old boy witness, he told Nanje to stop the act, but he gave a deaf ear to his plea. After Nanje realised the kid was dead, he decided to dumb her remains into a latrine. When the seven-year-old confronted Nanje, he had his head put in the pit, the little boy narrated.

The young witness immediately rushed to the grandfather and reported what Nanje had done. The grandfather in turn alerted the population who rushed to the scene to rescue the baby who had already died. Both the suspect and eye witness are in police custody in Lobe and the matter is already before the State Counsel of Mundemba for justice to take its course.

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