Effective Barriers To Manage Risks

The aim of the Cotco training is to provide supervisors and leaders with the skills and knowledge to lead their workforce in achieving an injury and incident-free environment.

Strengthening standard of safest operations has an ever-present commitment by the Cameroon Oil and Transportation Company, Cotco. The company has for the eighth time trained its leaders and contractors within the annual contractors safety forum, which held in Bonapriso, March 14, under the theme: “Committing to set effective barriers to manage risks”. In 2016 like 2015, there have been zero reportable injuries, zero environmental incidents and no notable malaria case within the company.

While opening the 2017 forum company General Manager, Johnny Malec, congratulated the employees and contractors for their commitment to safety both on and off-the-job. Lessons learned from these revealed that Risk Assessment, Management of Change, Procedures and Work Management needed further work and stricter compliance. As a result, participants were cautioned that whenever the scope, procedure of work changes,  workers have to stop, do the re-evaluation before engaging again. It is on this note that he called on supervisors to recognize the changes.

2017 focus is on planning and application of the learnings into action in all upcoming works. It also involves managing risks through effective barriers, effectively learn from incident and taking personal responsibilities and active caring.

He called on the participants, who were employees and contractors including aviation, fleet management, security, offshore support, general maintenance and other services, to continue to take care of people, identify risks and implement effective barriers and finally not hesitate to stop and rethink the safe way to work in case of unacceptable situations.

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