East Region : CERAC Equips 22 Health Facilities

Compassion and love for vulnerable people have taken the humanitarian train of the charity association of the First Lady, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC) to Yokadouma, in the Boumba and Ngoko Divison of the East Region with gifts of health equipement and medication. The Personal Representative of the First Lady, Mrs Solange Christine LE, and her crew undertook the over 13 hours journey to Yokadouma with assorted gifts amongst which some 65 hospital beds, 65 mattresses, 100 packets of hydrophilic cotton each 500g, 30 packets of strips, 13 delivery beds, 10 medical examination beds, 20 sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes each, 50 operating fields, diversified medications as well as office equipment – photocopier machine, printer, computers and refrigerators. These equipment were handed to 22 health centres found in the South and North of Yokadouma, Gari-Gombo, Salapoumbe, Moloundou and also the district health services in the town of Yokadouma and Moloundou, all in the Boumba and Ngoko Division.

The Mayor of Yokadouma, Richard Gaston Sassabeno Metindi reacted promptly to the goodwill gesture of the First Lady and her association through words of gratitude. He said the gifts will contribute in improving the healthcare services given to the population, so that they will effectively contribute in the development of the country as spearheaded by the Head of State. « We have the duty to effectively use the gifts given to us so that it will not only positively impact our lives and improve our living conditions, but also the future of our children », the Mayor told his people. To the CERAC delegation, Mayor Sassabeno said « you have come to visit us and we are comforted by your presence, thank you… » The head of the Yokadouma and Moloundou health districts; Dr Didier Joher and Dr Seraphin Ndziou repectively, took turns to laud the First Lady on behalf of the beneficiaries. Dr Didier Joher said healthcare services in the division remain a major preoccupation especially as some of the structures lack personnel, equipement and are in a deplorable state. The gifts from CERAC, Dr Joher noted, will henceforth improve the technical platform of all the health centres thereby offering better healthcare to the population.

Mrs Solange Christine LE on behalf of the First Lady said they have come with gifts to heal the sick, for the good health of all citizens is a priority to the First Lady. She said the gathering at Yokadouma was an example to magnify CERAC’s motto of solidarity, fraternity and citizenship. Solange Christine LE said thanks to the collective effort of many goodwill persons, especially elite from the East Region, CERAC’s project to improve health services in the Boumba and Ngoko Division have been realised. This, according to her, is the way cameroonians are supposed to live, for together they ensure the development of the country. The Personal Representative of the First Lady said  » the nation counts on citizens living in peace and good health. We need to build rather than destroy, turn away from unnecessary criticism and protect the life of each other. » She also called on the heads of the different health centres to use the gifts in the interest of the population.

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