E-filing System: More Secured Payment Platform

The Director General of Taxation continuous to encourage users to make use of the system which eases online tax declaration and payment


Users are increasingly adhering to the country’s e-filing system, just as the Director General of Taxation, Mopa Modeste Fatoing continues to call on the general public to carry out the registration of their deeds pertaining to the acquisition of second-hand cars using the system. In a press release dated August 31, 2017, Fatoing said carrying out the electronic filing and payment of the required taxes prior to the arrival of the cars into the country will save time.

Much earlier, the Director General of Taxation had disclosed that “the experience of advanced countries shows that a tax administration at the service of taxpayers makes an effort to simplify procedures and encourages the majority of citizens to voluntarily comply with their tax obligations.” It is in this light that the Government engaged in so many reforms in the taxation sector, with the e-filing system which aims at easing online tax declaration and getting citizens to support the payment of taxes in a self-assessment tax system going into effect on June 1, 2017.

According to officials of the Legislation Unit of the Director General of Taxation, the online declaration procedure is simple. We gathered that the taxpayer has to log on to : www. impots.cm, and go to the electronic filing section or go directly to: www.teledeclaration-dgi.cm. Once logged on, the taxpayer is expected to create an account, then follow the remaining user-friendly steps to where he or she downloads and prints the summary of the declaration. Upon declaration, payment of the due tax is done by bank deposit, officials said, adding that the declaration can be done from the comfort of one’s home but assistance can be obtained from any taxation centre for those who have difficulties using the internet.

The e-filing system which was put in place to ease online tax declaration and payment helps to secure finances for the State and prevent tax fraud. Officials said the system is designed to limit contact between users and taxation agents as much as possible, thereby enabling users not to be duped by recalcitrant tax officers. The system also economises time and takes care of queues which hitherto marked the process in tax centres. “There is also no disappearance of files,” a Taxation official who elected anonymity said, referring to the malpractice where civil servants withhold files against bribes.


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