Dschang: University Staff Honoured

This during a ceremony at the Amphi, 100 of the university on 3 February,2017, presided at by the Rector Tsafack Nanfosso.

Some 65 academic staff of the University of Dschang, recently promoted to various grade on the University academic ladder, by the Minister of Higher Education have received academic  honours from the administration of the university led by the Rector, Professor Roger Tsafack Nanfosso.

The 3 February, 2017 ceremony that took place at the Amphi, 1000 also witnessed the  presentation of new year wishes to the Rector, Professor Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, and award of financial reward to some personnel going on retirement.

Addressing both administrative and academic staff, Rector Roger Tsacfack Nanfosso said the ability to acquire and communicate knowledge by academic professors, especially the newly promoted was enormous, and sometime rewarding to students and parents who have sacrificed time and money. He thanked the newly promoted for bringing honour to the institution, and asked them to give only the essential that will help students reap good academic results. He praised the degree of collaboration of the administrative and teaching staff to the university management body, that went a long way to help solve some of the challenges in campus without hitches.

Professor. Tsafack, said internet will be installed in all department of the university to encourage ICT.

 Representing the personnel the Secretary General of the Dschang university, Professor Mathe Isabelle Edanbe Abolo,said the university is where people talk about “Standard and literacy», that sum up  to be explicit communication for public consumption.   She was overwhelmed with the contribution from all personnel, who decided to put their eggs in one basket for quality education, making Dschang university to register good results in 2016, adding that she was still anxious to see 2017 a better academic year.

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