Douala-Yaounde Bridge Collapse Grounds Businesses

Governor Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua took pulse of some private and government activities in the economic capital.


Several businesses remained closed October 21-22 following collapse of the National Road N°3 linking Douala and Yaounde at Manyai in the Centre Region. The situation soon aggravated as news of derailment of a Camrail passenger train at Eseka that same October 21 hit Douala.

Managers of some travel agencies in Douala disclosed during a visit of the Governor Saturday that the number of travels have dropped drastically. Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, who was accompanied by Wouri SDO Naseri Paul Bea and Littoral Transport Delegate Pamela Ayuketah, among other authorities, took pulse of the effects on interurban travel agencies and hospitals (Laquintinie, Military and General Hospitals) where some victims are receiving medical attention.

Agencies such as General, Buca and Guarantee which the authorities visited said passengers paid FCFA 6,000 to travel to Yaounde via Bangante in the West Region. Some for FCFA 3,000 took passengers to Manyai where buses from Yaounde picked them up to continue the journey. Even so many business people cancelled trips to Yaounde, according to Marguerite Quinta, who did so. “The effect on businesses might have been great if it continued for some more days,” said Pegui Chido a business man. However, Camair-Co multiplied flights to Yaounde but yet only few wealthy people could afford an air ticket.

Following collapse of the road, transport vehicles and private cars from Douala made a U-turn and those from Yaounde were stranded around Manyai – a locality situated about 70 kilometres from Boumnyebel before Matomb. Many passengers dropped off buses and other vehicles and hopped on motorbikes to head towards the railway station in Bessengue. The commotion was at its peak with queues of passengers waiting to purchase tickets at the counters.


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