Douala V Midterm Evaluation: Six Major Projects Envisaged

The construction of a sub-regional market and low cost houses are among priority projects.  


It emerge during the council session of the Douala V council consecrated to midterm evaluation that a sub-regional market that will spur the councils revenue after completion would be constructed in the council area. It also surfaced that between 100 and 200 low-cost houses will be constructed to solve the ever increasing lodging problem in Douala.

Since there are no befitting leisure sites in the town, the Douala V Council had made known their intentions to construct a park to attract not only nationals but tourists as well. Another huge project that will touch all inhabitants of the area is the construction of a market in Bonamoussadi that will help decongest the existing one. The new projects, according to the Mayor of Douala V, Gustave Ebanda, will ameliorate the living condition of inhabitants as well as increase council’s budget.

Away from the huge projects that will give a facelift to the council area in particular and Douala at large, the council registered strides during the midterm budget evaluation despite the low execution rate blamed on the uncivil behavior of tax payers. With just 34.2 per cent execution rate, the Mayor however, said it is time for the council to take repressive measures to remove money from tax payer’s wallets, a statement the 2nd Deputy SDO for Wouri pledged authorities support.


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